WorkKafé beyond cubicles


Is the glass half empty, half full or twice as large as it needs to be!

There’s a way to look at things, it’s called perspective. There’s a way to do things, it’s called aptitude. Fitting the right perspective and the right aptitude for the right job is called Management.

At WorkKafé that’s exactly what we do. We manage your problems of the digital world, understand your concerns and present you solutions. We provide you access to the best resources from across the globe. Solutions that fit aptly into your system, answers that put periods to question marks and unmatched service support to help you leverage on the gained advantage.

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  • 01.
    Value beyond money
    With our innovative business model, you don’t just save on costs but also get access to best possible solutions. Better quality yet cheaper!
  • 02.
    Solutions beyond technology
    It’s not about simply making a website, or creating an application, it’s about understanding your goal/concern, addressing it with all possible solutions, online and if need be offline.
  • 03.
    Service beyond support
    If you have a problem we are there 24X7, and if you don’t have a problem, we are still there. We’d love to be in touch, business or no business.


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Vikram is thoughtful, detail-oriented, and on schedule. He patiently provides alternative ways of achieving solutions, which helps shape strategy and outcomes. [Vikram is a WorkConsultant]

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