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Small Business Websites

We believe that in this e-era everybody should have his/her website. We are more than committed to fulfill our dream.

Organizational Websites
E-commerce website development

E-commerce is what our developer have been doing since they touched their computer.. or may be a day later. ;-)

Personal website development



Having our website handled by WorkKafe has been been an amazingly good experience--and I'm a technophobe! Previously, we used a big company that couldn't have cared less what we wanted and was just trying to get over on us because we paid a flat fee and they didn't deliver. Then we had an nice individual who didn't know enough about our host site, writing code, or our needs to do what we wanted. WorkKafe has been completely different. The quality of work and support provided has been tremendous. Their focus on personal service, quick turnaround, and final results--all at a reasonable price--make it easy to say that it really is possible for IT people to understand and serve our needs. I highly recommend giving them a try.

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