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Community Impact

WorkKafe has been working for Community Impact at Columbia University [] for more than a year. During that time they have been able to solve many technical problems with our website. All work was done in a timely and professional manner. They also made their recommendations, as needed, on ways to improve the website.


Having our website handled by WorkKafe has been been an amazingly good experience--and I'm a technophobe! Previously, we used a big company that couldn't have cared less what we wanted and was just trying to get over on us because we paid a flat fee and they didn't deliver. Then we had an nice individual who didn't know enough about our host site, writing code, or our needs to do what we wanted. WorkKafe has been completely different. The quality of work and support provided has been tremendous. Their focus on personal service, quick turnaround, and final results--all at a reasonable price--make it easy to say that it really is possible for IT people to understand and serve our needs. I highly recommend giving them a try.

Teachers College Press

Vikram is thoughtful, detail-oriented, and on schedule. He patiently provides alternative ways of achieving solutions, which helps shape strategy and outcomes. [Vikram is a WorkConsultant]

A Talented Singer

My slow computer, an OK type website and other IT things were just starting to be a nightmare, when I was introduced to Now I don't even remember when was the last time when I complained for anything related to IT.

A Bigshot

I do what I am best at. I hire people for the job they are best at. And I am glad that I hired for my technical needs.

A Tennis Player

I cannot thank more. I was going insane keeping up with my website, facebook page, and other IT stuff while I needed to concentrate on my game. I came across WorkKafe and now I don't even have to think of anything else than my game.

A Talk Show Host

I highly recommend WorkKafe for two reasons. One, they go to the root cause of issues very quickly. Two, they have an algorithm to find the right person every single time.


When I started my DJ group in New York City in 1997, internet was not that big a medium of promotion and communication but later we realized we cannot grow if we lag behind in terms of technology. I feel lucky to have found, our technology partner forever and ever.

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