WorkKafé beyond cubicles

What's in it for you?

The WorkKafé Quality Guarantee

Good Work is top quality Work done in time, and there are no exceptions. To ensure all our clients get good Work at all times we have our own Quality Management System which is measurable and quantifiable.

  • WorkLancers are classified based on their skills and experience. This makes it easier to aptly choose the right WorkLancer for the right job.
  • Each WorkLancer is assigned a GPA as calculated on score on basic skill sets combined with score on last performance. WorkLancers with higher GPA get preference for jobs. A low quality performance automatically lowers the WorkLancer’s GPA, making him slide down the list.
  • WorkConsultant dissects each project, assigns time lines and milestones, and keeps quality checkpoints at specific intervals. Thus each project is watched minutely, performance at every step is evaluated and the client is constantly reported of the progress.

The WorkKafé Customer Service Promise

If you like it, shout it out; if you don’t, shout it out louder!

WorKafé’s customer service promise is as straightforward as can be, 24X7 technical support, service support, knowledge support and offering support. For any reason you feel we’ve not lived up to your expectations, please let us know. We’ll do all it takes to get our act straight.

We are not at mere clients, we are looking at brand ambassadors. Selfish reasons, you see!

Innovative and Easy Way to Get Work Done

Technology should make our lives easier and not otherwise. You don’t have to hire software professionals if that is not your core business, neither do you have to chase freelancers for work or end up burning your pockets outsourcing to technology firms.

We provide you solutions for your technology problems, best possible resources to work on the solutions and don’t charge you the world for it.



Having our website handled by WorkKafe has been been an amazingly good experience--and I'm a technophobe! Previously, we used a big company that couldn't have cared less what we wanted and was just trying to get over on us because we paid a flat fee and they didn't deliver. Then we had an nice individual who didn't know enough about our host site, writing code, or our needs to do what we wanted. WorkKafe has been completely different. The quality of work and support provided has been tremendous. Their focus on personal service, quick turnaround, and final results--all at a reasonable price--make it easy to say that it really is possible for IT people to understand and serve our needs. I highly recommend giving them a try.

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