WorkKafé beyond cubicles

Who We Are

Boys of the game. We’ve been in the field long enough to appreciate the rules, involved enough to understand what it takes to deliver.

Engineers, techies, nerds, creatives, mavericks, gladiators (well not quiet literally!). Some people call us human thermometers for all the degrees we have on us (MIT, IIT, Columbia University and likes). But for all practical reasons we are a bunch of professionals, seasoned professionals, who by education and experience know the art and science of getting work done.

Meet Our WorkConsultants

WorkConsultants are your one-touch-point solution providers at WorkKafé. They are highly skilled professionals with a thorough understanding of technology and knack of management. WorkConsultants understand client requirements, suggest solutions and get the work done by the most aptly skilled WorkLancer. The WorkConsultant monitors Work progress, keeps quality tabs at each point and keeps the client updated on the Work.

It’s like having your personal Technology Manager who has access to resources from across the globe and he chooses the best possible resource in the world (literally).

Meet Our WorkLancers

WorkLancers are not employees, they are not just free lancers either; WorkLancers are talented workers who are passionate about what they do, entrepreneurs who choose to venture and not just work, and enterprising individuals who own work and not just the onus to finish it.

We follow a rigorous screening process to choose our WorkLancers. Free lancers who register with us have to go through 3 tiers screening (which includes Profile evaluation, Skills evaluation and Personal evaluation), ensuring we have only committed, progressive, entrepreneurial WorkLancers with the right aptitude and attitude.


A Bigshot

I do what I am best at. I hire people for the job they are best at. And I am glad that I hired for my technical needs.

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